SMELLRID Activated Charcoal Body Odor Absorbent Pads

SMELLRID Activated Charcoal Body Odor Absorbent Pads

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SmellRid™ Charcoal Body Odor Control Pads are a simple, powerful solution for neutralizing and eliminating BO. The challenge in controlling body odor stems from the wide variety of glands in the body that are capable of expelling an equally wide variety of offensive smells, but SmellRid™ offer body odor control that is effective against them all.

Features & Benefits

• Body Odor absorbent pads using activated charcoal
• Double-sided tape for ease of application
• 12-pack of 4"x4" Body Odor Elimination Pads
• All-Natural, fragrance-free, safe for people & pets
• Control BO at the molecular level for total eradication

SmellRid™ Charcoal Body Odor Elimination Pads

SmellRid™ Charcoal Body Odor Absorbent Pads are infused with a proprietary activated charcoal designed to eliminate any type of malodorous situation.