The Four Things You Should Post on ConnectFirms

The Four Things You Should Post on ConnectFirms are:

1.Links, Images and Videos of your product/Services :

Since you’re in the business of selling something, feel free to post Links, Images and Videos of your product/Services. It’s totally acceptable to do this because this is business and that’s what ConnectFirms is all about. You probably want to keep your updating to some sort of a minimum. Don’t get into the habit of spamming your network.

2.Share Content that your network will find valuable :

ConnectFirms is a great place to share useful content that your network will like. This can be from any online website or blog. Spend some time collecting good articles, info graphics and videos that your network will appreciate.

3.Your own content :

As you build your online presence, a smart thing to do is to create digital guides to inform and educate online visitors. Buyer’s guides, info-graphics and instructional videos are forms of marketing material that you can share on ConnectFirms.

4.Buyer Requirements:

Buyer can post their requirements anonymously and use it to vet the suppliers on platform, then select the most appropriate qualified for the job.


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