Why is Social Selling More important for B2B companies?

B2B sales are more about building relationships than just selling. The reason is that most B2B deals are fairly large and have a lot of impact on the participating companies.

Social selling is not about talking with potential clients once and hoping they’ll buy from you. It’s all about engaging with them over a period of time and building trust. Before implementing Social Selling it’s important to understand that it focuses on the idea of establishing relationships with potential customers on social media and building trust in order to increase sales. is a Global Business Networking and B2B portal for B2B companies which help the businesses in establishing relationships with customers using networking features like connect /follow and News feed system. It also helps in promoting the “brand” (organization) in various ways using text, videos, images, hashtags, blogs, events and sharing valuable content.

So you can sell in b2b social media – but selling takes time and you cannot leave out the steps in between: find the right people, build a relationship, listen, be helpful, and get to know the needs of businesses, answer questions.

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