What are the major problems that B2B/SMB companies are facing today?


The problems that most of the B2B/SMB companies are facing as follows:

  1. They are not able to reach their target audience and expand business globally.
  2. They don’t have their own business community wherein they can promote their products/services.
  3. The Current options are available in the market to solve their problems are B2B business listing sites. These sites are a place to publish your profile and wait for your customer leads to approach you asking for your products/services. When you subscribe for these kind business listing services for leads, you will receive a lead list which is shared with multiple companies. Once you approach these companies offering your products/services, you will end up in no sales transactions as their requirement would have already been fulfilled (as the lead is shared with multiple companies) or because of trust issues. This ultimately ends up zero returns on your investment.

In real world, you cannot generate sales for your business by just subscribing to lead list on business listing sites. You have to build your own business community, promote your products/services to them every day and finally end up in sales transactions.

We at ConnectFirms are trying to solve these problems for many SMB companies by our platform. ConnectFirms is a business Networking and promotional platform where you can build your own business community by connecting or following the companies that of your interest area.

Once you are connected with your targeted prospects, you can promote your company using text, images, videos and web links. You can get real time updates of the companies in your network with the help of News feed system .You can also get updated from companies which are not in your network using post/promotion page.

Internal Messaging system helps you to communicate with your prospects and build the trust. Also, with the help of social Media features you can share posts onto multiple social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, google +, and use hashtags to rank higher up in the search engine.

With the help of ConnectFirms you can build your business network, create impression about your company on your target audience by promoting your services, develop trust on each other and eventually, you could end up in business sales.

If you are looking to build your own business community and get maximum returns on each dollar you spend, please sign up on and start promoting your business.


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